Award winning composer, Alan Koshiyama’s debut into the world of film and television music began when Universal MCA “Law & Order” producers asked him to compose the score for their independent TV pilot, “The Toothfairy Gets Greedy.” Since then, his music has entertained audiences worldwide through an impressive resume of feature film, television, video game, and national commercial work with clients:

• Disney    • Time Warner Productions      • Electronic Arts

• ESPN     • The Hallmark Channel           • Namco Bandai

• ABC       • The Discovery Channel          • Technicolor Digital

• FOX       • The Food Channel Network    • Novalogic

• TBS       • 20th Century Fox Atomic         • PBS

Koshiyama’s music can be heard on the movies “National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Reunion” for 20th Century Fox, and “The Gambler, the Girl, and the Gunslinger” for Hallmark Channel Original Movies.

Television shows include “Teenage Confidential,” an ABC Afterschool Special, “Alaska’s Bush Pilots” for Turner Original Production’s “Wild Life Adventures” series, and “FOX News” in Denver Colorado.

A collection of Koshiyama’s work can be heard at The Museum of Television and Radio in New York and Los Angeles.  Variety Magazine calls Koshiyama’s music “…evocative.”

Koshiyama composed the music score for Namco’s 30th Anniversary Pac-Man release for Nintendo Wii, titled “Pac-Man Party.”  Video game credits include:

• Pac-Man Party   • Delta Force Land Warrior  • Mig-29 Fulcrum

• Comanche 4      • F22 Lightning 3                   • Delta Force

Koshiyama is an affiliate of BMI and serves as Professor of Commercial Music at William Jessup University in Northern California, U.S.A.

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